1876: Happy Hollow, The Man Who Named Lincoln, and a Plot to Buy the Presidency

The story of how Lincoln became the capital of Nebraska is often told. The territorial capital in Omaha was moved to the village of Lancaster after South Platte politicians successfully won a long and bitter fight over the location of the capital of the newly-admitted state. The name of Lincoln was a last-ditch effort to […]

1892: Gov. Boyd and the Legal Fight to Keep Him from Office

In 1890, James Boyd, an Irish immigrant who had served two terms as Mayor of Omaha was elected Governor of Nebraska, the first Democrat to be elected after 24 years of unbroken Republican victories. Gov. John Milton Thayer was not a candidate in the 1890 general election. But when it came time for him to […]

1895: “They Had Earned Equality Before The Law”

In 1895, Nebraska’s first black state legislator sponsored a bill repealing the state’s ban on interracial marriage. The bill passed but the Populist Governor vetoed it. The story of the 1895 Nebraska Legislature.

1970: “They’re In For A Surprise”

Described as “militant” in the press, a 33 year-old barber challenged the incumbent state senator for North Omaha’s 11th legislative district. Decades later, he is one of the most important figures in the history of Nebraska’s legislature, still serving at the age of 81.